Undergraduate Research

The MCB department encourages undergraduate students to become involved in research. Our faculty members adhere to the principle that the best way to learn science is by doing research, and laboratory research is a strongly encouraged supplement to undergraduate studies. MCB laboratories offer a diverse range of research opportunities, including cancer, neurobiology, heart development and disease, plant development, evolutionary biology, cell signaling, gene expression, RNA biology, genetic networks and systems biology, genome stability, and origin of life/astrobiology.

Directed research, independent study, honors thesis, and senior capstone experiences allow students to work in a laboratory with a researcher for academic credit as a means of educating students about working in a lab, how scientists conduct research, and how students can participate in original research. 

The College of Science's Entering Research I & II (SCI 397B & 397C) course is designed to provide students with support and resources as they begin their research experience.

Please see the Research Guidelines before filling out and submitting your research, thesis, or capstone form.

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